Motrona AX321 (DC) Process display

Motrona AX321 (DC) Process display

Process display (DC) for strain gauges / strain sensors

Process display for recording measured values ​​and visualising strain gauge signals or strain gauges and sensors. The device has 2 presets, 2 limit value relays and 2 control inputs. The AX321 version is supplied with a direct voltage of 24 VDC .

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  • Scalable analog input for strain gauges
  • 2 limit values ​​with relay outputs
  • strain gauge sensors
  • Power supply 10 … 30 VDC
  • Programmable linearisation can be switched on (12 support points)
  • Digital filter, totalisation and tare function
  • Standardised switch panel housing
  • LED display 6 decades with 14 mm digit height
  • Display range –199999 … 999999
  • Simple parameterisation via front-side buttons and menu navigation
  • Front dimensions 96 x 48 x 102 mm


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