Deva Electronic Controls Single Axis Sinewave Interpolator

Deva Electronic Controls Single Axis Sinewave Interpolator


  • Selectable interpolation factor 10, 25, 50, 100
  • Accepts 11µA or 1vpp or 2Vpp signals
  • Handles marker/index channel
  • Maximum input frequency 125kHz
  • Maximum output frequency 5MHz
  • Extremely small form factor
  • RS422 line driver output
  • Fully synchronous operation
  • +5v operation

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The DEVA018 operates from +5v which may be supplied either from the input or output connector. The output connector is pin to pin compatible with all Deva’s encoder interface and motion control products. All unused pins are passed through from input to output.

The Deva 018-1SIN can be set to accept 11uA or 1Vpp and is compatible with a wide range of industry standard scales and encoders.

To support Mitutoyo scales the Deva 018-1SIN may be set to accept 2vpp single ended signals biased on 2.5v. The 2.5v bias must be available from the encoder to connect to the inverting input. It is known to be compatible with the Mitutoyo AT102, AT111, AT112, AT115, AT116 and AT181 scales, along with others of the same output format.

It is also designed for 20vpp single ended or 10vpp differential signals.


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