Tamagawa Smartsyn TS2640N141E172 Brushless Pancake Resolver Size 21

Tamagawa Smartsyn TS2640N141E172 Brushless Pancake Resolver Size 21


● Wide temperature range
● Superior environment resistance
・Vibration: 196m/s2{20G} at 10Hz .500Hz, for 2 hours to each of three axes.
・Shock: 981m/s2{100G} for 6ms, 3 times to each of 6 axes, 18 times in total
・Humidity: 90% RH or above at 60°C
● High speed rotation
● High reliability
Extremely long life and high reliability are assured by the structure of mechanical parts and automated coil incorporation.
● Absolute position detection
● Long-distance transmission
Robustness against noise enables long-distance transmission
● Capable of compact incorporation
The use of built-in types of Smartsyn minimizes housings of motors. Best suited for compact design
● Low cost
● Multipolarization is possible by increasing the multiplication factor ofangle.
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Smartsyn is a brushless resolver is based on an innovative winding method (Patent registered) Tamagawa’s sophisticated design and production engineering developed
Traditionally  winding has been performed only by hand but Tamagawa’s new method has enabled automatic winding by machine, thus realising high productivity, low cost, high reliability, and excellent electrical properties.


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