Tamagawa Additional Products

  • Features Compact size, Light weight, Low cost Package area :1/2 (compared to AU6802N1) Advanced failure check functions Enhanced error detection functions (Square sum, Wire cut, PLL unlock, Over-temp) BIST Built-ln Self Test functions Excitation Amp (currency controlled) incorporated All-in-one concept to reduce total system cost Can handle Sine/Cosine DC resolver signals
  • Adopts R/D conversion based on a proven digital tracking system・Low cost, small size and light weight・Satisfying fail check functions (1) Abnormality detection Capable of detecting abnormal resolver signals, breaking of resolver signals, abnormal R/D conversion and abnormally high temperature of a IC (2) Built in self test Conducts a self test on R/D conversion and abnormality detection・Realization of system/cost reduction based on all-in-one concepts (1) Integrated with an excttation amplifier (Output current: 1 OmA rms/20mA rms) (2) Integrated with an operation clock・Enhancement of functions corresponding to various applications (1) Requires no phase adjustment to excitation signals (Allowable range: Within土45゜) (2) Variable setting of controlling bandwidth (fBW) (Selectable from 7 types of fixed values or automatic adjustment) (3) Capable of digital conversion of linear hall IC signals and R/D parallel connections to resolvers (4) Output redundancy (Triple redundancy-Parallel/Pulse/Serial output)
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