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“Get The Right Encoder For the Job…With Fast, One-On-One
To Make Your Choice of Optical Rotary or Linear


Specialist Suppliers of Rotary Encoders, Shaft Encoders and Absolute Encoders

We are the Encoder Specialists

With over 35 years of experience in the industrial sensing and control industry, Encoder Technology is your best source for the supply, repairs and replacements of all types of encoders. We have a vast amount of knowledge about rotary encoders, shaft encoders, absolute encoders and many more special encoder designs.

Choosing the right encoder can be a demanding job. We are specialists. Use our expertise to guarantee the right solution. We have a vast range of products from the biggest names in the industry.

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Why Choose Us

 icon rt Avoid costly mistakes when selecting your Encoder, let us do the work for you!
 icon rt Select from the Best Source for - Rotary Encoders, Hollow & Shaft Encoders, Incremental & Absolute Encoders, Linear Scales, Resolvers and Accessories.
 icon rt We can help you to find - Multi-turn or Single-turn Absolute Encoders, SSI, EnDat, Field Bus, Programmable.
 icon rt Need the latest Encoder Designs? Custom Built, High Accuracy or low cost, just - Call or email us
 icon rt Need Technical Help or Info? Fast response and Expert Help
 icon rt Want a Special Encoder? No Problem! - Intrinsically Safe (NAMUR), ATEX Certified, Oil Patch Applications, Heavy Duty, Micro Miniature, Analog Output

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 Product Range

We can supply, replace,repair and support  an extremely wide range of absolute, incremental and special design rotary or shaft encoders and many other options from: BEI, Litton, Hohner, Fanuc, Tamagawa, Kuroda, Nikon, Sumtak, Bosch, Dynapar, CUI, Heidenhain, Siemens, AMI, Allen Bradley, Hengstler, Muirhead Vatric, Gaebridge, TWK, PLUS many others We can be your supplier for products by: TWK, HEIDENHAIN, NEMICON, TAMAGAWA, MTL, MicroTech, RELIANCE ENCODERS.

We are an authorised Distributor, Agent and Re-seller for Heidenhain Encoders and Heidenhain accessories. We have available an EXTENSIVE STOCKS of Heidenhain products and a state-of-the-art cross referencing system which enables us exactly match and update even some of the most obscure older Heidenhain products.

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