Posital Wiegand Sensors

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Self-powered Magnetic Sensing and Pulse Energy Harvesting in One Package

Wiegand sensors offer bipolar magnetic sensing and pulse energy generation without the need for any external voltage or current, making them the perfect magnetic sensors for low-power and energy-independent applications.

Millions of Pulses, No Reduction in Energy
Pulse energy remains unaffected even with repeated and continuous use over time
Consistent Energy at Low-Frequencies
Guaranteed minimum energy level independent of magnetic field change frequency
Zero Mechanical Wear
No mechanical elements & non-contact sensing
High Signal Noise Ratio
High slew rate & pulse voltage provide superior SNR to other magnetic sensor technologies
✓ High Triggering Frequency
Consistent pulse width means events can be differentiated at frequencies up to 40kHz
✓ Self-powered Sensing
No electrical energy is required to generate signals

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