Energy Harvesting With Wiegand

Energy Harvesting With Wiegand2023-09-26T09:37:09+00:00
Harnessing Pulse Power

The pulse energy generated by POSITAL’s Wiegand sensors in response to changing external magnetic fields can be utilized to power electronic devices. Successive pulses can be stored to meet the energy needs of circuits, and in the case of modern ultra-low power ICs, a single pulse can offer adequate energy for intermittent operation.

Applications: Mechanical Energy Harvesting

Mechanical energy can be transformed into pulse energy using various methods, including static magnet/moving wire, static wire/moving magnet, or by employing a moving ferromagnetic body that distorts the magnetic field around the Wiegand wire.

Wireless Power Transmission

When combined with low-frequency electromagnetic fields, POSITAL Wiegand sensors can serve as an energy source for low-power applications in environments where high-frequency transmission is challenging (e.g., transcutaneous power for medical devices).

Self-sustaining IoT Sensors

With the advent of highly efficient electronic chips and low-power wireless communication technologies, there is potential to integrate Wiegand Sensors into energy self-sustaining, maintenance-free IoT sensors.

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