Intergrated Sensing & Harvesting With Wiegand

Intergrated Sensing & Harvesting With Wiegand2023-09-26T09:29:36+00:00
Energy Harvesting With Wiegand

Energy harvesting through the Wiegand effect has proven successful in over a million devices, including water and gas meters and industrial encoders for measuring rotation. In this technology, a rotating permanent magnet triggers polarity reversals, creating a self-powered rotation counter system that eliminates the need for external power sources or batteries.

Multi-turn Rotary Encoders

POSITAL’s absolute multiturn encoders incorporate a Wiegand Effect-based energy harvesting system, eliminating the need for batteries or gears. This solution overcomes the drawbacks associated with batteries, such as limited lifespan requiring replacement or maintenance, significant weight, and the presence of harmful materials.

Self-powered Event Counting

By synchronizing event-triggered pulses with ultra-low power counting electronics, a Wiegand-powered counting system can be established. Such systems enable precise maintenance cycle management, even in situations where obtaining external power is challenging or unfavourable.

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