Magnetic Sensing With Wiegand

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Self-powered Magnetic Sensing

The Wiegand wire used in POSITAL’s Wiegand Sensors has unique material properties that ensure consistent pulses are produced with each inversion of the external field polarity. This results in consistent energy production regardless of the speed or frequency of the field changes, it also does not require an external power source. For these reasons Wiegand Sensors are ideal for use in low power and energy saving applications.

Can be deployed for the detection of linear motion such as proximity and position sensing, lateral position sensing etc.


Movement and proximity of Ferromagnetic material can be sensed such as reciprocal motion or rotating bodies. 


Rotary motion sensing can also be deployed in a wide range of applications such as tachometers and flow metering.

Pulse Generation Applications

POSITAL’s Wiegand sensors provide reliable and consistently timed pulses enabling them to be successfully implemented in a wide range of applications including industrial and flow metering applications such as water and gas metering and rotation speed sensing in tachometers such as those used in trains.

POSITAL’s next portfolio expansion is set to include Wiegand sensors that are able to produce enough energy to power wireless communication and other sensing technologies. This is in response to the rapidly growing Industry 4.0 and the expanding demand for remote IoT sensors.

Find out how we can integrate POSITAL’s Wiegand technology into your application…

Find out how we can integrate POSITAL’s Wiegand technology into your application…

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