Encoder Technology 15S Standard Shaft Incremental Encoder

Encoder Technology 15S Standard Shaft Incremental Encoder


  • Very high performance economical encoder
  • Low profile—less than 25.4 mm height and 38 mm diameter
  • Extended temperature operating ranges available
  • Up to 12-pole commutation optional (for brushless motor control)


The Model 15S Encoder offers a high performance feedback solution in a low profile package, making the Model 15S ideal for commercial and light-duty industrial applications. This industry standard Size 15 (38.1mm diameter) encoder features a precision bearing set, sealing available to IP64, a durable stainless steel shaft, and a selection of servo, flange, and face mount options.  The Model 15S may also be specified with features such as extended operating temperatures from -40° to 120° C, or up to 12 pole commutation for brushless motor control.  The Model 15S features BEPC’s Opto-ASIC circuitry for a clean, reliable signal.  Its durable yet economical design makes it an ideal encoder for high precision OEM applications.


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