Heidenhain Angle Encoder RCN Series

Heidenhain Angle Encoder RCN Series


  • Absolute measuring method
  • Large hollow shaft diameter (up to 100 mm)
  • Integrated stator coupling
  • Compact size for limited installation space
  • System accuracy includes the deviation caused by the shaft connection
  • Outstanding dynamic response
  • Simple installation

Typical field of application

  • Rotary tables
  • Swivel heads
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HEIDENHAIN angle encoders with integral bearing are characterised in particular by very high system accuracy. The integral bearing in the encoders eliminates any effect on measuring accuracy from the bearing of the machine components.

The integrated stator coupling in the RCN/RON/ECN series encoders guarantees lowest possible error from the effect of tolerances in the shaft coupling. All angle encoders with integral bearings feature shaft seals that ensure resistance to contamination (IP64 protection). These encoders enjoy an entire spectrum of possible applications in machine tools, measuring machines, telescopes, printing machines and many other areas.


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