Heidenhain Modular Angle Encoder ERP 880

Heidenhain Modular Angle Encoder ERP 880


• Large hollow shaft diameter (up too 10 m with a scale tape)
• High shaft speeds up to 20 000 rpm
• No additional starting torque from shaft seals
• Segment versions
• Also available with Functional Safety Modular angle encoders with optical scanning are available with various
graduation carriers:
• ERP/ERO: Glass circular scale with hub
• ERA/ECA 4000: Steel drum
• ERA 7000/8000: Steel scale tape

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HEIDENHAIN Modular Angle Encoders with Optical Scanning

The angle gauges without integral bearing, ERP, ERO and ERA, are particularly suitable for high accuracy applications with limited installation space.

Because angle encoders are supplied without enclosure, the required degree of protection must be ensured through proper installation

Field of application:

– High-resolution rotary axes with high reproducibility
– Very high number of signal periods
– Small mounting space
– Small interpolation error and low signal noise


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